A listening test and a follow-up evalutation allow us to identify the issues and the person's potential.

Every year more than 50,000 people benefit worldwide from the Tomatis Method!

400 licensed institutes operated by professionals throughout the world.

The filtered maternal voice (in utero) helps the baby discover the desire to communicate.

How many people with good hearing have concentration, memorisation or learning difficulties in general?

The voice of the father motivates the child to learn and to achieve.

Top 9 reasons to come to the Tomatis Listening Center in Rolle

The Tomatis Method

Tomatis listening re-education brings:

- Better academic results
- Improved concentration, memory and attention.
- 2x faster foreign language integration.
- Better relationships and communication.
- Dynamism, fun and self belief.

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Round Table, 5th June 2019, 8PM at the center in Rolle:

Summer Listening Reeducation Program helps students enhance learning capacity overcome hyperactivity and learning difficulties 

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