Every year more than 200,000 people benefit worldwide from the Tomatis Method!

400 licensed institutes operated by professionals throughout the world.

The filtered maternal voice (in utero) helps the baby discover the desire to communicate

How many people with good hearing have concentration, memorisation or learning difficulties in general?


A listening test and a follow-up evalutation allow us to identify the issues and the person's potential.

The voice of the father motivates the child to learn and to achieve

Centre d'Ecoute et de Santé"Fleur"

Be more genuine by listening with your heart

Maintain the joy of life, resolve conflict and improve communication 

The stress from covid impacts our children’s learning ability and social life 

as well as parents worried about their well-being and future

Discover the importance of a well-functioning auditory system

Webinar, free participation, April 21, 2021 at 7pm

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Telephone: 021 825 34 62

Benefits of correct auditory processing

 Better results in school
 Enhanced concentration, attention, memory
 Facilitates language learning
 Improved communication, better resonance with others
 Dynamism, joy and self confidence
 Fuller more resonant voice
 Improved motor skills, coordination and balance
 Creates authenticity so you reach your potential
 Higher brain/cortical charge

Top 6 reasons to Come to the Tomatis Listening Center

 Full service systemic method with free accompaniment of the mother and father
 Mother ‘s voice filtered to re-motivate children and father’s voice to socialize
 Personalized child program accompaniment with supervision through play, arts and      crafts
Amazing results for over 20 years thanks to high quality equipment and a                          professional team
 Reimbursed by most complementary insurances; fully accredited consultants
 Regular testing permits individualized audio program adjustments

« When we relearn to Listen with our Heart we light a flame in the heart of others ».