Listening is more than just hearing

There are numerous areas of application of the Tomatis Method and they are generally grouped under the theme of "Listening and communication".

The Electronic Ear enables the correction of certain disorders thanks to real aural "gymnastics". For more serious disorders, the auditory training can support or prepare for a different therapy.

Attention, concentration and memory…

Your child may be receiving the following comments from his teachers: "does not listen in class", "cannot concentrate" or "does not sit still"

Language disorders (spoken or written) - dyslexia, dyspraxia, dysorthographia… How can I help my child?

In order to read or write, you must know how to decipher the sounds, and reproduce them through ears cleared of any blockages…

Psychomotor disorders

Walking, running, following a rhythm, some children are unable to perform these simple moves correctly. These are disorders that are always related to the body and to the experiences of the body. Good body schema is essential and derives from our balance. The ear is not only a sensory organ that captures sounds - our ears have a direct impact on coordination.

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Stress (burnout, depression, fatigue)

Nowadays, in order to be successful, and respond to the multiple challenges imposed by society, and enjoy both professional and personal quality of life, you must be creative and positive. The Tomatis Method helps to reduce tension and promote a more harmonious life.

Personal development, adult or any age

Improving listening also improves listening to oneself and one's own needs. The Tomatis Method aims at self-transformation and enhancement of one's talents and potential. Give new meaning to your life because good listening is a real source of energy. It is necessary to stimulate thought, reflection and creativity. The ears are also organs of toning and body balance…

Communication and relational disorders

One of the peculiarities of the human being is his or her ability to communicate. To communicate well, we must be able and know how to listen, that is, be capable of putting oneself on the same wavelength as our interlocutor. Some people have a communication problem, which reduces their ability to become involved in interpersonal relationships

Language integration

Learn a new language through appropriate psychosensory stimulation with the Electronic Ear of Professor Alfred Tomatis. We need to accustom our ears to the specific frequencies of a language in order to become more receptive to the sounds and rhythms of that language.

You reduce by 50% the time taken to integrate with the language, you express yourself, communicate and understand more easily. The effectiveness of the Tomatis Method has been endorsed by a European study.

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Pregnant women

The listening sessions will allow you to create a serene bond with your baby. This state of well-being felt by baby will enable it to grow calmly and peacefully. Communi-cation through your love and trust established during your pregnancy will transmit to your baby the desire to embrace the world. Prepare together a harmonious birth with the Tomatis Method; "Tomatis babies" are livelier, happier and more attentive.

Voice - Music - Singing "We speak and sing with our ears"

The timbre of our voice depends on how we hear it. With the Tomatis Method, it is possible to improve our voice by employing the ears