A listening test and a follow-up evalutation allow us to identify the issues and the person's potential.

Every year more than 50,000 people benefit worldwide from the Tomatis Method!

400 licensed institutes operated by professionals throughout the world.

The filtered maternal voice (in utero) helps the baby discover the desire to communicate.

How many people with good hearing have concentration, memorisation or learning difficulties in general?

The voice of the father motivates the child to learn and to achieve.

Listening Assessment
During your listening assessment, you’ll discover:

How to unlock the full power of correct auditory processing 

Good listening transmits accurate information from ear to brain & back. Consequences of unbalanced interior and exterior hearing/listening

Listening ability can be improved and restored 

With a certain number of hours of middle ear muscle gymnastics, in a positive peaceful environment, with the support of professional listening reeducators at the Tomatis Listening Center in Rolle

What difficulties result from your inaccurate auditory processing 

Find solutions to learning difficulties, language & communication problems, hyperactivity, attention deficit… How the auditory zoom facilitates memory attention and concentration. Auditory laterality determines the quality of your voice, processing speed, career results, better grades in school… 

Listening is key to social relationships and behaviour 

How you listen to yourself and others. The difference between heart and intellectual listening. The importance of mother’s and father’s voice.

The psychological dimension of listening 

The difference between “backward & forward” processing, and how to take a quantum leap in areas of relationships, health, school and career

Your voice only contains what your ears can hear 

Which foreign languages you can learn with your current hearing? Which musical instrument is recommended?
Take 1.5 hours to better understand your child’s auditory processing. Reserve your listening assessment now: Call 0218253462, or email text 0763776484

During your listening assessment, you’ll discover:

The listening assessment allows a well-trained Audio-Psycho Phonologist to see
-If the base structure allows accurate functioning of the auditory system
-If information flows harmoniously through the body, psyche, nervous system
-If you are motivated to learn and work; well connected to internal information
-If heart listening is open & allows correct interpretation of the external world
-If the frequencies heard in the language zone allow correct interpretation of the teacher’s/boss’s instructions
-How well you listen to self and others
-If there is correct body awareness, self- image and confidence
-How you orient yourself in space;
-If listening posture is connected to inner hearing
-What personal development is possible with improved listening

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